Purple Trail Invitation Services

Looking for the perfect Invite, Save the Date or any occasion invite? Look no further! Purple Trails huge inventory has everything you need! Different designs, cars stock, fonts etc etc. And by using the link on this site you are automatically entitled to a personal Discount from Bohemian Lifestyle Fashions! So check em out! You may just find something you didn't even know you wanted!

Need that perfect invite? Check out Purple Trail! Their huge catalog has something for everyone & every event!

Alternative suits for your alternative Wedding!

OPPO Suits offer the perfect alternative suit for your perfect alternative Wedding! You spent alot of time to make your Wedding standout from the basic norm, so why would you wear a basic suit. For a discount click the button below & it'll take you to their link and by using the link thru this website you qualify for a discount on your amazing perfect alternative suit!

Wedding Ideas on a Budget!

So most weddings start out the same, She/He said YES!! But what then? Well for most the stress sets in. Questions like, what's the theme going to be, how many guest, who's in the wedding party, what are our colors going to be, and the big one....How much is this going to COST?? Being a Wedding Consultant/Coordinator I've seen happy couples crash and burn over the simplest things. That's why i decided years ago to go into Alternative Wedding Planning. There's literally no rules!!! I've seen couples argue over a centerpiece, A Centerpiece!!! So I've been able to hone my skills over the years to the point where I can take that $1000 centerpiece and not only improve it but cut the costs to well over half! I Love alternative weddings. And if you're reading this, I'm assuming you've also chosen to go the Bohemian/Alternative themed Wedding route. And that's why I created this page as part of my website. And I'm also doing what no Coordinator in their right mind would do. I'm offering tips and ideas for FREE!! That's pretty much the basics of living a Bohemian life, right! So if you're having trouble coming up with ideas, check in every now and then. And if you're still having trouble with certain aspects, well I am a Wedding Coordinator LOL! Just ask and I would love to help. From decor, themes and Yes even ceremonies! I am ordained so I've done my fair share of Alternative/Bohemian/Freestyle ceremonies. I hope this page helps with anything you're looking for but if not, I am available 24/7, all ya gotta do is ask. Good Luck, Blessed Be and just remember, the best weddings are generally the least expensive and most beautiful (mostly because they are the least stressful!)

Centerpiece Ideas

Looking for that natural, organic and unique idea for your Bohemian Wedding?  These are just a few simple, inexpensive ideas. We have many more just comment below if you'd like to see some. Or if you have your own ideas that you need brought to life, we can do that also!