Miniature VooDoo/HooDoo Dolls

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10.00 USD

Miniature VooDoo/HooDoo Dolls! These cute, innocent dolls come in all colors and with individual instructions/spells. The Romance Dolls are sold as a couple and come with a Love poem, (there is an addition fee fort the Live Set due to there being 2 dolls included). Others are sold separately. I haves a wide selection of different dolls for different reasons. Each is HandMade and comes with a personalized spell and a gemstone accented pin with instructions. Every doll is made with Genuine GemStones for their eyes and heart. Perfect as a gift, keychain or to hang in your car (as shown) I included a small but of history about the origins of Voo-HooDoo. Please note these dolls are for fun and decoration only. Having said that, I am an Ordained Minister/Priestess andc if you're looking for something a bit more "Traditional" please message me.

Delivery: 5-7 business days
Additional info

Voodoo originated in southern Africa, due to the religious spell through a medium, is a voodoo doll, but the original voodoo dolls are from other animal bones or straw prepared, all fierce, coupled with its mysterious ritual, so most people think that voodoo is a cult. The voodoo spells and voodoo doll is regarded as representative of the evil curse, but some people don't think so, because there are many voodoo on guard, treatment, falling in love and positive spell, is the use of sophisticated manual development of a series of meaning and the name of different theme voodoo doll.