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Jul. 25, 2017
Jul. 24, 2017

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Jul. 22, 2017


After a month of diving into our deeper emotions and rooting in to our comfort zones as part of Cancer Season, we now enter a powerful period that is all about becoming even more courageous in our creative endeavors.

With the Sun now in the sign of the Leo lioness, it's time to stand up and shine by harnessing all that lights you up from within! This month, use your inner light as a compass to become bigger, bolder & brighter. Celebrate your creativity by embracing all that you love and do not be afraid to roar even louder than you ever have previously! 

This is not a time of questioning your worth. It's a time of living fully and diving into your interests with gusto, allowing the right people to become naturally attracted, enchanted, or even intimidated by the example you set simply by following your bliss.

Jun. 30, 2017

Inside of every woman is a Softly Wild Spirit just waiting to be claimed.

She shows the way for deeper connection to our body, senses, intuition, and inner wisdom.
She aligns us with the rhythms, energy, and mystery of the natural world around us.
She is YOU...vibrant and shining from within.

There is a confidence and clarity that come when we reconnect with
our own personal magic and Mama Nature. The path opens in front of us and
we are once again in touch with the mystery and wonder that surrounds
and infuses our lives.   ~ Victoria Smith


Apr. 10, 2017
  • …in magic, especially the magic we conjure with our creativity and intention.
  • …as women we are each gifted with deep inner wisdom, intuition, courage, soft wildness, and a generous dose of creative magic.
  • …that the built and natural environment around us (our homes, work spaces, towns, and surrounding landscapes) affect us in profound ways.
  • … connecting with the spirit, energy, and rhythms of nature is healing and enriching; it is an essential ingredient for a happy life, a healthy mind and body, and a sparkly spirit.
  • … the key to a magical, joyful life is in making our choices based on what makes our souls sing, what nourishes our bodies and spirits, and creative expression.
  • …it’s never too late (or too soon) to create the magical life we desire.